Friday, June 21, 2013

Press Release: KILLING WALL STREET by Sanjay Sanghoee

Killing Wall Street: A look at America’s growing financial unrest Banker, author takes deadly aim at corporate greed in new thriller.

NEW YORK CITY – From the corporate greed that fueled the collapse of the economy to the rise of movements like Occupy Wall Street, the last several years have seen the average American consistently at odds with Corporate America, and growing anger beneath the surface with a rigged financial system and exploding income inequality.

Investment banker-turned-author Sanjay Sanghoee rips into Wall Street and takes America to the boiling point in his new corporate thriller, Killing Wall Street (Argo-Navis, a division of Perseus Books, June 2013).

Killing Wall Street, a novel about the frightening power of an ordinary citizen’s rage, follows Catherine, a working class single mother living on the edge of a breakdown. After the financial crisis ruins what little is left of her life, she decides that she has had enough, and takes a shocking revenge against the system that has victimized her. As Catherine targets and kills bankers, lawyers, and CEOs with escalating fury, an FBI Agent races against the clock to catch the ultimate anonymous killer. When he discovers that the victims were all hiding a financial conspiracy, he thinks he is close, but the biggest shock of all is yet to come.

Sanghoee describes Killing Wall Street as a strong statement about modern America with a slyly populist and feminist flavor. The novel was inspired by Sanghoee’s time at leading investment banks and hedge funds in the 1990s and 2000s, during which he got an inside look at how the 1 percent of America works, lives, and connives. As corporate scandals rocked the nation, Sanghoee realized that corporations and wealthy individuals were gaming the system and leading the country on a path of destruction.

“My goal is to make a statement about the state of America today and to address the needs and concerns of all Americans, not just the 1 percent,” Sanghoee says. “Corporate corruption is destroying our country and people need to speak about it,so I thought I’d do that in this novel.”

In an interview, Sanghoee can discuss:
- Sanjay Sanghoee on bringing social issues to light through fiction writing
- The new feminist manifesto: Women taking on male-dominated corporate America and greed
- Why our system of Darwinian capitalism doesn’t work and what could be done to fix it
-Solving big-picture problems: Income inequality, crumbling infrastructure, tax abuse, healthcare and the debt trap
- Rethinking America: How to balance the individual profit-motive with the common good
Sanjay Sanghoee is “the banker who came in from the cold.” After publishing a hard-hitting novel, Merger, a corporate thriller from Forge (St. Martin’s Press), he began writing about business and politics. The novel was praised by critics, including at Chicago Tribune and BARRON’s, and set Sanghoee on the path to becoming a commentator and a vocal opponent of corporate excess.

Today, he blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and other publications on many hot-button topics, including the dysfunction in Washington, Wall Street reform, tax policy, corporate crime and gun control. Sanghoee has offered unique takes on each issue and is not afraid of taking a stand on what he believes is right. For more information, please visit

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