Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Press Release: VENGEANCE IS NOW by Scott D. Roberts


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With the New York Times bestseller 50 Shades of Grey becoming such an immense success, interest in erotica has grown. In the past, most male erotica writers (aka as “romantica”) would write under female pseudonyms not only to attract what
is a predominantly female marketplace, but also to protect their identities — erotica didn’t always have mainstream appeal. But with the success of Shades and other big sellers like Jennifer Cruisie’s Tell Me Lies, authors like Scott D. Roberts have not only stepped out of the shadows under their true genders but have also kept their pen names.

Roberts released his first novel Vengeance is Now, which is defined by the author as an “erotic-thriller.” The book takes readers into the life of Tate Holloway, a disgraced former police detective and secret gigolo, who goes on the run after his arch nemesis and serial killer “The Eye” successfully frames him for murder.

“First, erotica has broadened and is no longer a well-defined genre,” said Roberts. “Many other genres including my book Vengeance is Now is primarily a thriller and mystery about a serial killer where the protagonist Tate Holloway happens to be a private investigator and a male prostitute. With the economy being what it has been, it’s not unusual for people to‘moonlight’; but in this case, the second ‘job’ involves sex and adds the erotic elements to the book.”

Since many male erotic writers often disguise their genders under female pseudonyms, Roberts felt that with the rise in interest and mainstream acceptance of erotica as an accepted literary genre, why hide behind a woman’s name or even hide at all.

“It’s slowly becoming more acceptable and credible to write erotic action,” said Roberts.“With the worldwide success of novels like Shades, resistance by the reviewer community is crumbling. I am trying to build a career as a serious artist and adding the erotic element means a greater chance for market success. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Most people have sex and enjoy reading about it. I think a legitimate story with erotic elements offers the perfect mix to satisfy readers who like their action to be sexy, too.”

Roberts comes from the Hollywood film community where he wrote, produced, and co-directed the award-winning documentary, “Gas Hole,” narrated by Peter Gallagher. He has written several screenplays and has had projects optioned or bought by Paramount, Columbia, MGM, EUE/Screen Gems, and New Line.
“Making a film is such a collaborative, creative process with many people’s hands in the cookie jar,” said Roberts. “Writing the book allowed me to escape into Tate’s world and enjoy the process of sharing the words on the paper with an audience. When you hand in a screenplay for a film or TV show, you have no clue how the final product will stray from your vision. 3L allowed me the freedom to do what I do, but also assist in the final product in a very ‘artist-friendly’ environment. This has truly been one of the great creative
relationships I’ve ever encountered.”

Vengeance is Now launches nationally on Amazon and into bookstores in May. Pre-sales and early release copies are available on the book website at www.vengeanceisnow.com or the 3L Publishing website at www.3LPublishing.com. The eBook version will be available on Kindle, Nook and iBook.


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